Pig Chicken is as delicious as its name is intriguing. The chicken part comes from drumsticks or thighs rubbed in our Burch Barrel Rooster’s Strutt seasoning and then smoked to perfection on the Burch Barrel.

So how does chicken become Pig Chicken? As the chicken slowly hover smokes above a bed of smoldering wood coals, forming a layer of crispy skin, the meat is glazed and basted in molten bacon grease. As juices flow from the chicken and the excess grease drops from the bristles of your brush, they hit your coals and add fat smoker flavor right back to the meat.

The combination of the bacon grease glazed chicken infused with wood and fat smoke results in an explosion of flavor that almost can’t be put into words and can only be experienced by trying it yourself. 

Step 1 - Season & Set

Start your coals and set the coal pan ¼ of the way down the track of the Burch Barrel. Once the coals are lit and going, add preferred smoking wood. Rub the chicken drumsticks in Roosters Strut seasoning. Arrange the drum sticks around the edge of the grill grate so they don’t get direct heat.

Step 2 - Baste & Repeat

Generously coat the drum sticks with rendered bacon grease. Engage the lid and lock collar to hover smoke. Smoke at 250 until the internal temp reaches 165. Check and baste the drumsticks every 20 minutes until cooked. Once cooked through, raise the coal pan to the top and lower the grill gate onto the Barrel.

Step 3 - Squeeze & Serve

Sear the skin until crispy and remove from the grill. Coat in sauces of your liking or eat as is. Enjoy!

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