In this ‘On The Barrel’ we focus more on the ‘How To’ of self processing and stuffing sausage than the actual recipe. Below is what we used in this video but we encourage you to vary the percentages of Protein to Fat to find the balance that suits you. If you have a picky eater or gamey protein I recommend you add in some bacon to the mix. 


  1. Wild game. In this case Black Bear. 
  2. Pork fat or pork butt/shoulder if difficult to come by fat. 
  3. Natural Hog Casings. Prefer 32-35mm or smaller if you can find them. Fit in a bun better.
  4. Sweet Chipotle Seasoning from Sausage, Equipment, and Supply Company.
  5. Hi-Temp Cheddar

Our Ratio here is 22 lbs of Bear and 3 lbs Pork. Lean in comparison to most Wild Game sausage ratio's. 


  1. Partially thaw your meat. Meat should remain as cold as possible at all times. If it's warming up, put it in the freezer for 20 minutes before proceeding. If your meat warms it will create a paste like consistency. Avoid that. 
  2. Cut into 1” strips or cubs. 
  3. Using a Coarse grinding plate. Feed Protein into Grinder. Tip - Only run your grinder when you have meat in it. This will help keep your blade from dulling. 
  4. Measure out how much Pork Fat to Protein you want. We kept this one lean. 
  5. Grind your pork fat.
  6. Mix your fat into the protein. 
  7. Grind a second time.
  8. Mix seasoning into meat. Follow their instructions. 
  9. Mix with a mixer or hand mix for at least 15. Look for good protein extraction which will result in a better sausage consistency. If it’s not mixed enough your sausage will come out more crumbly than solid. 
  10. Let sausage come to room temperature. 
  11. Start smoking at 100-125 F. For 1 hour. This allows your sausage to better bond to the casing, cook more evenly, and help prevent a tough casing.
  12. Increase heat to ~180 F. Cook until you reach desired internal temp. To be safe we cooked this Bear to 165 F. There is evidence that 140 F is safe for Trichinosis but we played it safe. 
  13. Remove and give your sausage a cold bath or shower to stop it from continuing to cook. 
  14. Let dry.
  15. Freeze in vacuum sealed bags. I prefer to store them in batches of 6. I eat 2 or 3, my wife and kids will eat 1 each....

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