"Been on the hunt for a sturdy camping grill that doubles as a firepit? The Burch Barrel is a combination camping grill and firepit that hangs from a tripod. This is not your Grandpa's cowboy cooker. It blends an open fire camp grill with a vertical lift Argentine style mechanism like a Santa Maria grill. The bottom accommodates charcoal, wood or both for fuel. The unique, adjustable height charcoal and cooking grates can also be set in multiple positions for different heat levels. When you’re not busy cooking, you can raise the lid via a locking cable and employ Burch Barrel as a fire pit. This grill is made by and for lovers of the great outdoors who enjoy hunting and camping, but Burch Barrel reports residential sales are on the rise.

The Burch Barrel is a unique and fun way to cook for hunters and campers offering a wide palette of camp cooking possibilities. The unique design, versatility and build quality make it a great option for someone looking for something different than your typical charcoal grill. Burch Barrel does a great job grilling hot and fast as well as cooking low and slow over live fire. Then it magically transforms into a fire pit. The locking cable system allows you to position the food where you want it with ease. It's not as portable as those little grills you can pick up with one hand and throw in your trunk, but none of those mini grills can do what Burch Barrel does. Made for serious camping, it would also be a great addition to any ranch or farm setting where gatherings might pop up.

Burch Barrel’s unique design and features make it much more versatile than other camp grills that consist simply of a grill grate or cauldron suspended over a live fire. Yes, I was disappointed with the dampers and how little control they provided, but that quickly faded when I learned how easy it was to use the height adjustments to cook pretty much whatever I wanted. Because the Burch Barrel is so unique, it's hard to compare similar cookers. It is well-built, versatile, unique and a ton of fun to use. That's why it wins our Best Value Gold Medal."

Outdoor Grill Expert // John 'Spinaker' Bowlsby

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