BARREL UP for Montana!

BARREL UP for Montana!

Engage in Positive Action: Philanthropy

To show how important our community is, we are donating 10% of our sales for the month of April to Greater Gallatin United Way and Bozeman Area Community Foundation who has teamed up to launch the SW Montana COVID-19 Response Fund to help offset the loss of work and economic depression that is threatening our community welfare. After all, we are people, company and products that capture the essence of human nature and community with food, fire and friends. Now that our flagship product has launched and been delivered to our pre-orderers, it’s time to buy a Burch Barrel while helping support those that are in less fortunate situations. 

What is the BARREL UP?

  • Active Philanthropy: Buy a Burch Barrel in the month of April to help Montanans weather the storm.
  • Show the world you care: Post on Instagram and Facebook that you are part of the #ANTIVIRUS w/ video or photos and the following tags:


Why are we running a BARREL UP fundraiser at this time?

To show how proactive, forward-thinking people and companies can be part of the solution rather than a victim of circumstance. This is our way of ‘flattening the curve’ of the COVID-19 impact, not just the spread.

Really, who does it benefit?

The SW Montana COVID-19 Response Fund provides funds to organizations assisting with loss of income as well as food and resources for individuals who have been majorly affected by the economic shut down, that's your neighbors and friends.

Philanthropy is the core ingredient of a community, helping a neighbor in a time of need.  That’s why we hope you, your businesses and partners join us in helping those in less fortunate situations, bringing this full circle. Set it up on the porch, split some wood, enjoy the outdoors without leaving the dreaded quarantine!

 It’s time to BARREL UP!

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