BetterFed Beef x  Burch Barrel

BetterFed Beef x Burch Barrel

Calling all Burch Barrel enthusiasts! We are very excited to announce our partnership with BetterFed Beef Company. So, whether you’re...

Calling all Burch Barrel enthusiasts! We are very excited to announce our partnership with BetterFed Beef Company. So, whether you’re in a BBQ enthusiast or simply like to be on the eating end of delicious steaks and burgers cooked on the Barrel, BetterFed Beef will take every favorite recipe to the next level. What we love most about BetterFed Beef Company is that 100% of the ranches producing are family-owned and operated. The founders, Max Winders and Dr. Tom Peters have gathered a tribe of Upper Midwestern cattle ranchers from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. Every animal is bred and raised by these hard-working, detail-oriented families who believe that 'real beef comes from real families.’ Together, they have mastered the cycle of beef from conception to consumption. All 17 families are shining examples of great producers and are invested to become owners of the BetterFed business collaborative. This model is truly unique in the industry. Learn more about the BetterFed families and receive 20% off your first meat shipment with the code BURCHBARREL. Learn more here!

Founding Fathers

Max Winders grew up working on his family farm in New Zealand. After college, he came to the United States where he spent his career traveling the world studying International Agriculture. After retiring he had the great desire to create a company that would bring a uniquely exceptional beef product direct to consumers by cutting out the middle man.

Dr. Tom Peters was also raised on a farm in Minnesota and earned his PH.D. in ruminant nutrition from the U of Minnesota - where he first met Max Winders. He has been the leading beef nutritionist in the United States for over 30 years. He dedicated years studying to perfect a breed of cattle that will produce exceptional tasting beef. Dr. Peters has fine-tuned the nutrition needed and prime age of cattle to deliver the most tender cuts for cooking exceptional meals for your family.

Together Max and Dr. Peters work to make this dream a reality by providing their customers with beef they can fully trust.

Responsible Production

How the cattle are raised, processed, and harvested sets BetterFed Beef Company apart from others in the industry. Several small, family-owned locker plants became USDA certified and BetterFed jumped at the chance to work with local like-minded families. This allows them to keep costs down and pass that savings on to consumers directly. BetterFed is completely transparent about all their practices, they fully lean into creating responsible and efficient beef. There’s no mass production of cattle and they only use safe and efficient technology. Responsible production is key.

Join Us in Partnering with BetterFed Beef

BetterFed’s prime beef products include whole muscle ground beef, roasts, ribs, brisket, and steaks. Get 20% off a box of their fresh beef delivered to your doorstep with the code: BURCHBARREL and check out their wide variety of beef products here.

Cooking with quality meat is an important part of the process and BetterFed Beef is best prepared on a Burch Barrel. So try a BetterFed box, gather with friends and create a memorable meal outdoors around the Barrel. There is nothing better then time spent around a fire with delicious food.


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