Breakfast on the Barrel

Breakfast on the Barrel

Breakfast doesn’t have to happen in the kitchen. When it comes to breakfast, Burch Barrel can do it all. Whether...

Breakfast doesn’t have to happen in the kitchen.

When it comes to breakfast, Burch Barrel can do it all. Whether you’re cooking for 2 or a crowd, morning eats cooked on the Barrel are a cinch, so breakfast options are endless. From grilled sausage egg muffins and 6-layer cowboy hash baked in a dutch oven to frittatas and smoked Crème Fraiche over berries, you can cook anything and everything in a Burch Barrel. The versatility of cooking any type of meal outside in the Barrel makes cooking much more exciting.

Grilling and Smoking Breakfast

With the easy adjustability of a Burch Barrel, you control the temperature with which you want to cook by adjusting the height of the grill grate with the pistol grip slider. This makes cooking and smoking simple. Here are some hearty breakfast ideas for using your Burch Barrel to cook your favorite morning meals.

When cooking for a crowd, always start with Bacon! Using your favorite type of flavorful wood logs, let bacon smoke in the Barrel as you temper the fire down to coals. A kiss of smoke makes bacon extra delicious. When the Barrel’s internal temperature is about 375 degrees F start the cooking timer. The flavorful smoke will encircle the bacon and add a smoky layer of flavor, and this seasoning combination is award-winning. Here’s how to create epic bacon for breakfast.

Use a half size baking sheet pan, line it with foil, or place the bacon directly on the pan for cooking. Line out thick slabs of bacon and season both sides with paprika. Then, on just one side sprinkle a layer of cayenne pepper and chili powder. Hover the bacon over the heat on the Barrel grate for 15 - 20 minutes. You can flip the bacon halfway through or just watch the bacon gets crispy. For a special treat, give that succulent pork a shake of brown sugar and allow it to meld with the bacon for the last 5 minutes of the cook. You’re going to need to bake several batches if you’ve got company. Burch Barrel Bacon is a serious crowd pleaser.

If you’re into a decadent comfort-food breakfast, cook Eggs Benedict right in the Barrel. Whip up your hollandaise sauce in a cast iron skillet on the grill grate. Transfer the sauce to a bowl and wipe the pan down with paper towels. Next, layer English muffins, sliced Canadian bacon, and crack an egg over the top. Let it cook until the yolk is over medium, then spoon a layer of hollandaise over the tall stack of savory goodness. Give it a few more minutes over the heat, then garnish with chives, green onions, or parsley. Serving Burch Barrel Benedict will impress any picky eater.

A Cast Iron Breakfast

Cooking breakfast in a cast iron pan will make your favorite breakfast dish extra satisfying. Cast iron skillets can take the heat that the Barrel dishes out. So, create a new tradition of breakfast on the patio. Cooking breakfast outside will keep your kitchen cool on hot summer days. Take your best breakfast recipes outdoors and taste the difference.

If you’ve never made the best German Pancakes or Hootenanny Pancakes, they are delicious and fun for the whole family when baked outside in the Barrel. It just takes 5 simple ingredients that you probably have on hand at any given time. The crowd will begin to get loud when the pancakes begin to rise and grow straight up out of the sides of the pan. After a night camping in the backyard with the kids, keep the fun going by grilling these pancakes in a cast iron skillet right on the Barrel.

Fire up the Burch Barrel to about 425 degrees F and place a stick of butter in a cast iron skillet placed directly on the grill grate. As the butter melts, blend or whip 6 eggs with a cup of milk, a cup of flour, and a teaspoon of salt. As soon as the butter begins to sizzle, gently pour the egg mixture into the center of the skillet and let it bake for 20 minutes. The sizzling butter makes these homemade pancakes unforgettable. Top with strawberries, powdered sugar, or syrup. Just watch out, you may have to arm-wrestle for the corner pieces.

Another delicious and simple way to use up leftovers for breakfast is to make a cast iron quiche or frittata. If you are into making pie crust, you can form it right in your cast iron pan. If you’re not, use these same ingredients and call it a cast iron frittata extraordinaire. Whip 4-8 eggs, add everything but the kitchen sink into the mixture, and bake it on the Burch Barrel. Toss in leftover broccoli, chopped ham, onions, diced peppers, the last of the feta and cheddar cheese. Use leftover steak or pulled pork in a frittata with a handful of herbs and paprika. Mix it all together, top with sliced tomato rounds, and bake in the skillet on the Burch Barrel grate for 35 to 45 minutes until the eggs are cooked through and are firm. Enjoy this homemade quiche and kitchen sink frittata with a douse of leftover guacamole or your favorite salsa. We bet you won’t be able to eat just one slice.

Dutch Oven Breakfast

Burch Barrel can cook much more than steak and burgers. Dutch oven breakfast works perfectly for cooking in the Barrel and using a dutch oven will bring back memories of camping with family and friends from years gone by. You can recreate those delicious dishes right in your backyard on your Barrel. Burch Barrel allows you to suspend a dutch oven by the hanging hook located on the bottom of the grill lid, which is great for baking low and slow. Fresh berries and day-old bread make for a delicious dutch oven Bread Pudding. Place a dutch oven below the coals within the barrel or on the grill grate. Each location will cook a little differently. Easily adjust the height of the grill grate or the coal pan to cook at whatever temperature your favorite breakfast recipe needs.

Baking a Country Dutch Oven Hash for out-of-town visitors or just because you don’t feel like following a recipe is always a win. Set your dutch oven on the grill grate to heat it up. Brown a pound of ground sausage, add a bag of hashbrowns, and crack 8 to 12 eggs on top. Sprinkle with onions, green chilis, or a colorful pepper. Cover with a layer of shredded cheese then, break up a can of biscuits into sections and plop pieces over the top. Seal the layers of savory breakfast with the dutch oven lid and bake beneath the coals inside the Burch Barrel for 35 to 45 minutes. Spice and season this egg bake recipe with your favorite flavors.

If you prefer sweetness over savory for breakfast, homemade Cinnamon Rolls taste so much better baked in a dutch oven outside over a Barrel fire. (If you need a quick win, you can use pre-packaged sweet rolls. We won’t reveal your baking secrets.) Lay out homemade sweet rolls so they are all snuggled together in a greased dutch oven, let them rise with the dutch oven lid on outside, hanging from the Burch Barrel hook as you get the start your fire and prepare coals. When ready to cook, coals should be 375 degrees F, remove the dutch oven and place below the charcoal pan within the barrel. Bake according to your recipe. Then drizzle with icing and serve warm. Homemade breakfast rolls are perfect for a special holiday morning, or even just a regular ole Saturday breakfast treat.

Burch Barrel has versatility beyond other grills. You can bake, smoke, grill, sear, and use it as a fire pit. The versatility of how to cook is very unique. Cook over a wood or charcoal fire and over or under coals. Raise or lower the grill grate with a cast iron pan on top using the pistol grip slider to regulate the heat input. Regulate the temperature by adjusting the coal pan to various heights allowing for high heat at the beginning of a cook session, then elevate your pan to finish cooking at a lower temperature. We’ve harnessed cooking with fire and Burch Barrel’s versatility is unmatched.


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