Burch Barrel Hanging Hook

Burch Barrel Hanging Hook

How to cook a tomahawk steak by the Burch Barrel lid hook First, drill a hole through the thickest part...

How to cook a tomahawk steak by the Burch Barrel lid hook

First, drill a hole through the thickest part of the tomahawk bone with a 1/4 to 3/8” drill bit. (Depending on the thickness of the bone). Then, simply hang it from the hook over the barrel. Set the hot coals to the center setting within the barrel and let that sweet smoke and flames just kiss the steak. Careful not to let the flames get too high, they could cause the steak to burn, there’s a careful balance of kissed-by-a-flame char and cooked to perfection. With this exceptional cut of beef, medium rare doneness will allow you to enjoy all the natural flavors of the meat. Medium rare is an internal temperature of 130 degrees F. Once you have a nice char, there are a couple of ways you can finish cooking a Tomahawk Steak. You can raise the coals to the top of the barrel and let it finish cooking from the hook, making sure it’s evenly done on all sides. Or remove the steak from the hook (make sure you’re wearing gloves), and complete cooking it on the grill grate. You should only need 3-5 minutes per side to reach a medium rare to medium doneness. Tomahawk steaks take a little longer to cook than a traditional ribeye steak, but they still come out tasting rich and juicy due to the high level of marbling.

What can you cook on the lid hook?

Brat links are fun to cook by using the lid hook. You can order them at your grocery store or pick them up from a butcher shop. Simply hook the bratwurst links from the Burch Barrel hook and lower them down into the barrel over the coals. Then, rotate them until they are cooked to a crispy, blackened doneness on the outside. They’ll be deliciously juicy and smoky. Serve them on a thick bun with your favorite type of mustard.

The obvious fruit to grill by a hook would be pineapple, Brazilian style. Simply slice the rind off of the pineapple and anchor the leafy stem (close to the pineapple) on the hook and let it roast! As the juice drips, it will cause the flames to flare and fire-grill it to sweet perfection.

How to Grill with using the lid hook

If you need a one-dish meal, skewers grill perfectly from the Burch Barrel hook. Take a long skewer with a loop on the end and stack chunks of chicken, onions, red peppers, steak, pineapple, tomatoes, zucchini, and even hunks of garlic. Give them a swipe of your favorite marinade, then hang skewers by the hook. To cook skewers, lower them into the barrel over the coals and they’ll grill up perfectly. You only need to rotate them so they’ll cook evenly and all sides of the meat are fire-kissed.

Dutch oven cooking from the lid hook

Dutch oven cooking on a grill is simple when you have a hanging hook. Just hang a dutch oven filled with honey ham, glazed chicken, or peach cobbler inside and let it roast. Add a couple of inches of liquid over the meat to keep it from drying out during cooking. You can keep the coals low if you need to slow cook your dish or raise them up, or lower the hook to speed up the cooking time.

Baking by the lid hook

You can even bake from the Burch Barrel hanging hook. Place whatever you are baking in a cast iron pan, cover it with a lid or foil, then set it directly on the coals for 5 minutes to get the pan hot. Then remove the Burch Barrel coal pan and hang it from the hook. Set the baking pan on the grill grate then using the slider, lower the lid to set the coal pan directly on the foil or pan’s lid. This allows the heat to encircle the pan from the top, cooking what’s inside perfectly. Beer and Cheesy potatoes are perfect for cooking with this method. The dish will have a nice brown finish and the cheese will be hot and bubbly.

Cooking from a hanging hook will take your cooking experience up a notch. It’s fun for the whole family or friends. Light your fire, hang that steak, enjoy a few cold ones and watch your meal cook. When it comes to grilling, this method of grilling is entertainment at its finest.



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