FULL SEND WILLIS “To me, life is about charging towards your passions and living every moment to the fullest. Sudden...


“To me, life is about charging towards your passions and living every moment to the fullest. Sudden moments can rock our entire world. Be present, eat well and enjoy the adventure with family, friends and strangers alike. We’re all connected.” Tell us a little about yourself.

"I’m from a small town on the north shore of Boston. Growing up was all about skiing, surfing and mountain biking or building forts, snake hunting and playing with my brother and friends in the woods. Eventually skiing took over and brought me west to bigger mountains and backcountry adventures. I learned that backcountry skiing is similar to surfing in your reliance on weather, conditions, knowledge and experience to be in the right place at the right time. When the stars align, there’s nothing better than those perfect moments shared with friends and family. I strive to have as many of those as possible so I think that describes who I am. Overall, I’m a skier and surfer from Boston who loves the outdoors, delicious food and adventures with my family and friends."

Describe a day in the life of Willis Brown.

"For me, the ideal day is pretty simple: start with coffee and a smoothie, some work on 1COAST (a daily dose of learning for me) before heading out to ski or surf. Later I’ll probably call a few friends to try and organize film or 1COAST projects before wrapping up with a fresh, grilled dinner outside."

Your pursuits include fishing, skiing and surfing. What draws you to these activities?

"I love that they all include an element of adrenaline and connection to nature. Each one of them takes place in or on a phase of water and combines aspects of individuality with teamwork."

If you had to pick between fishing, surfing and skiing, what would you do?

"It’s tough to pick between skiing and surfing. I love them both for their inherent connection to natural environments and pure thrill."

Of your three pursuits, which has taken you to the coolest places? Where specifically?

"New Zealand and Iceland, two places surfing has taken me, I’d love to explore on skis some day, too. I find myself drawn to the places, whether it be skiing or surfing, that also have unique cultures and foods."

You’re constantly putting fish on your Burch Barrel, why's that? What’s your favorite kind of fish to grill?

"Fish is my absolute favorite food. There are so many kinds but I’d have to go with a maple syrup salmon dish from my mom."

What have you found is the best way to stay fit and healthy in order to maintain as active a lifestyle as you do?

"Eating well and staying as active as possible has been the key for me. I feel awful when I go for too many days eating crap food. It could be placebo or not but when I eat good, natural foods I feel a lot better and therefore maintain an active lifestyle."

Last question Willis, so what is your next adventure?

"I've been preparing for a month long film trip sailing offshore in the Gulf of Maine. With two of my buddies, we are heading on a mission to surf remote waves, educate ourselves about local sustainable aquaculture and learn the intricacies of nautical navigation. Stay tuned for more."


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