The Rich Outdoors Podcast: Building Burch Barrel

The Rich Outdoors Podcast: Building Burch Barrel

One of the first things you think when you move into a new space is, “I wonder what my neighbors will be like?”. At Burch Barrel, we got lucky and happened to set up shop next to Backcountry Fuel Box and The Rich Outdoors Podcast. Fellow entrepreneur, Cody Rich, is the founder of both businesses and has also grown to become a good neighbor and better friend. 

In the days leading up to the Burch Barrel launch, Cody asked if the team would like to do a podcast with him. It was clear that we would talk about hunting while recording, but what was even more fun was swapping notes on building brands and trying to explain what the process of starting a business could be like. We talked about friends, told stories, and drank beer but most importantly had a great time.


Show Notes: 
Introduction – 0:03:35
The Beginning of Burch Barrel – 0:11:46
Hurdles with a Startup – 0:18:18
A Rudi Story – 0:28:15
Texas, Montana, & Bird Hunting – 0:33:51
Duck Blind Cubicles – Staying Grounded – 0:38:14
Kickstarter Launch on the 17th – 0:57:04
Closing Thoughts & Social Handles – 1:01:26

We set out to bring people together and wanted to create an opportunity for more face to face interaction while grilling. The Burch Barrel represents a gathering point that allows you and friends to digitally disconnect and be right there with each other. Pre-order yours on Kickstarter now through December 2nd. 

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