Transporting the Burch Barrel

Transporting the Burch Barrel

Knowing how to load up your Burch Barrel grill is key to creating delicious meals anywhere adventure calls. Whether you’re...

Knowing how to load up your Burch Barrel grill is key to creating delicious meals anywhere adventure calls. Whether you’re grilling up a storm in your backyard or simply need to show your football rivals how to smoke and grill like a champ at the tailgate party, it’s easy to take your Burch Barrel on the road. For those who love to entertain, the Burch Barrel Grill is plenty transportable for any feast and festivity you enjoy.

Here’s how to dismantle a Burch Barrel and take it with you.

The easiest way to load a Barrel Barrel grill into your vehicle is to first, with the lid lowered, unclip the cable from the top of the lid. If you’ve got two sets of hands, simply lift the barrel from the tripod, unhooking it from the leg hook as you lift it, and move it into your vehicle. You can carry the barrel and lid together or separate, they weigh about 45 pounds together. Lastly, uncrew the two legs that do not have the pistol grip attached. Make sure to leave the ‘top knot’ attached to the third leg. If you have a long truck bed you should be able to fit the three legs in laying down flat. If not, unscrew and remove the bottom sections from each leg.

When you arrive at your destination, simply screw each leg back into the top knot and hang the barre using the hooks. Once hung, raise the lid a few inches off the lip to use as a plumb bob. This will help level the grill. Next, get your coals or fire lit and start grilling!

Hot Tip:
No team for the transport?

Here’s how to move a Burch Barrel by yourself

—It only takes one extra step. It’s best to carry the lid with the lock collar and grill grate attached separately from the barrel body. Lock the lid back on the barrel in your vehicle for transport.

To hang the grill back on the tripod by yourself, make sure the hooks and loops are pointing in the right direction. With a hook in each hand, you can hang those first. Then walk around to hang the third. You’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Tips for quick transport home.

If you’re tailgating or just bringing the grill to the party, bring a gallon of water to help extinguish the coals. When the party's over, open the vents and let the barrel body cool off. Then, simply remove the hot coal pan using your Stockman’s Gloves and set it on the ground. Pour water onto the coals to cool them down. Drain the extinguished coal pan of all water before returning it to your grill. The Barrel should be ready to pack back into your truck bed within 15 minutes.

What makes a Burch Barrel Grill so versatile?

Yep, you read that right, your Burch Barrel Grill can be packed up for transport just 15 minutes after you’ve cooked on it. This is another epic feature of the Barrel. So when taking your grill on an overnighter don’t hesitate to use it to cook breakfast in the morning before heading home. The exterior of the barrel stays cool to the touch, it’s kid and dog friendly. And, you can remove the coal pan anytime and extinguish the coals with water, water doesn’t affect the coal pan. The versatility of the Burch Barrel Grill is unmatched by any other grill!

Get ready to be the center of attention, friends and family will gather ‘round to see what’s cooking. And everything you create in the Barrel comes out delicious! So grab some cold beverages, light the fire and get grilling. From burgers and breakfast to dutch oven cobbler and s’mores, you can cook anything and everything in the Barrel outdoors.


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