Barrel Punchers

Roby Burch - Founder

While Roby grew up outside of Philadelphia, it was his summers on a family ranch in Big Timber, Montana that led him to Burch Barrel. Time spent around the fire with his family, gathering cattle or chasing ducks on the ranch all led to Roby developing a passion for hunting, fishing, cooking, and ranching. When he’s not coming up with new innovative products or leading the Burch Barrel crew, Roby is most likely cooking, working cattle on horseback, hanging out with Houston or planning next year's duck season.



Andrew Jakovac - Business Development and Sales Manager

Andrew was born and raised in Idaho, firmly rooted in the Rockies, he still calls the mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming home.  Devoted to just about any form of outdoor recreation or mountain life that gets him outside, he is a purist at heart. You might see his headlamp on the ridgeline in the predawn hours or hear the sound of rock and human careening down the hillside when the time is nearing beer:30, usually after dark. Andrew’s passion for all things backcountry drive his pursuit of archery hunting, backcountry skiing, trail running and good old fashioned wilderness scrambles. After some gritty type 2 fun, there’s nothing he’d rather do than light up a Burch Barrel, relax and share stories of the mountains with loved ones.


Corey Piersol - Business Operations 

Corey has called Montana home for the past 16 years. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains he learned to fish and hone his skills as an outdoorsman. Moving to Montana introduced him to hunting and harvesting. You can find him either on a river throwing a rusty spinner to big brown trout on the Madison River or climbing in Montana's National Forests from March to September. Come fall he’ll be out trying to find elk until his ice climbing season begins in December. His goal was to pass on his passions in a place that offers plenty. With his wife Stephanie, Corey has two boys, Brooks and Sawyer, who are absorbing all that Montana has to offer.