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The Burch Barrel is the original over-fire suspended grill, smoker and and fire pit designed with versatile and functional excellence and made to be the central hub for any outdoor gathering.

Our innovative features were designed to ensure a top-notch culinary experience. They include:

FUEL FLEXIBILITY: Are you a die-hard charcoal enthusiast? Or are you a purist and prefer hardwood? With the Burch Barrel you gain the flexibility to use any wood product- charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal or any wood of your choice.

LOCK COLLAR LID & PISTOL GRIP SLIDER: Make quick adjustments to your coal/fire height or heat without disturbing your food. Simply lower the lid and secure the grill grate to the lock collar lid by aligning the pegs with the notches. Raise with the pistol grip slider and adjust your heat as needed. Your Traeger can't do that, can it?

TRACKSTER HEAT CONTROL RAILS: Raise and lower your coal bed with ease, even in the middle of cooking. Nine height settings are built into the trackster rail system that spiral along the inside the barrel. So whether you want high heat to sear and boil, or lower heat to smoke and bake, controlling the heat is easier than ever.

EVERLEVEL TRIPOD: Solid carbon steel packable legs give you the power to make macro adjustments with ease, ensuring a level cooking surface no matter the terrain. Grilling on rocky riverbeds is just as easy as Smoking on a sandy beach. Where will you take the Burch Barrel?
STOKER VENTS: Adjustable top and side vents enable precision control over your temperature. Slide vents open to customize the heat intensity through a directional oxygen draft. The double wall designs insulates the entire Barrel, keeping the fire roaring inside, while cooling the outside walls. Kid and dog friendly grill? Check.

HANGING HOOK: Suspend food from the hanging hook located on the bottom of the lid to roast, sear or slow cook. Plus, it just looks really cool.

Constructed from high-grade steel and aluminum components, metal fasteners, unfailing welds and reliable powder coating, you can be sure to enjoy years of hard use ahead of you. Our Rough & Tumble Warranty guarantees everything we build against manufacturing defects in materials and craftsmanship for the practical lifetime of the product.

What's Included

Burch Barrel
Packable EverLevelTripod
Pistol Grip Slider
Lock & Lid Collar with Detachable Grate
Removable Coal Pan with Grate


Barrel Weight: 45 lbs
Tripod Weight: 20 lbs
Tripod Height: 81" to 84"
Tripod Footprint: 60” circle
Grill Diameter: 18” (254.47” sq)


Exterior Body: Cold Rolled Steel
Insert: 304 Stainless steel and high-heat-resistant coated steel
Aluminum components
Matte powder coating

What is the difference between V1 and V2?

When we designed the original Burch Barrel, we set out to build the best grill on the market, but also strived to create a social gathering spot that would become the centerpiece of any environment. After more than two years of delicious meals, good times, customer feedback and constantly experimenting with new designs, we’re proud to launch Burch Barrel V2.

Burch Barrel V2 showcases a handful of hardware and design upgrades to further elevate and simplify your outdoor experience from start to finish.

• We’ve increased the size of the threads on each individual tripod leg for increased strength and greater resistance to cross-threading and stripping. Perhaps most exciting of all, the larger threads mean that the tripod legs can be assembled and disassembled much faster than V1.

• We’ve upgraded the hardware that attaches the Barrel body to the tripod stand. Spanner Bars easily fasten to the EverLevelTripod with a hook clasp, providing micro adjustments with ease, less hardware and less rattling when traveling.

• We’ve improved the design of the Coal Pan by extended the length of the three pegs on the sides. This allows for significantly easier maneuvering of the coal pan and track selection across the nine height levels across our Trackster Heat-Control rail system.

• We’ve also extended the length of the pegs on either side of the grill grate to ensure the Lock Collar seamlessly latches and locks to the grill grate for faster and easier lifting.

• There are a number of other design and hardware improvements that we've made - but we fear the specifics may be too technical. If you'd like to hear about them, please email service@burchbarrel.com

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Master The Heat


Burch Barrel Locking Lid Collar

Stoke your coals or add wood to your fire at any time without interrupting the cooking process.

Simply twist the lid to secure the grill grate to our proprietary lock collar. Use the pistol grip slider on the tripod to hoist your food above the barrel at your desired height. When released, the slider automatically holds the lid in place.

Smoke, Sear, Bake


Adjust the included Coal Pan to your desired pan height to one of nine available heat levels across 12" designed into our spiral rail system.

Set the pain on the rails near the bottom to smoke low and slow, raise to the top levels to sear and grill.

The coal pan can easily be removed to dispose of ashes or to remove hot coals to cool down for fast transportation.

More Flame, Less Smoke


Vents on both the barrel side and the lid enable precision control over your heat.

Slide vents open to customize the intensity of heat through a directional oxygen draft and a double wall that keeps the external surface of the barrel kid and dog friendly.

Freedom to Roam


Grilling on beach sand or a rocky riverbed? Our clutch action legs ensure your Burch Barrel stays completely level, no matter what terrain you encounter.

The packable design couples adjustable legs and stable feet, making it easy for the Burch Barrel to go where you go.

Multi-Fuel Flexibility

Do you prefer cooking with wood, charcoal, briquettes or construction scrap? It doesn't matter - fuel your fire with whatever wood product you prefer. No power cord or gas line required.

360° of Interaction

The communal configuration circles people up so they can face each other and their food – at the same time. You can finally grill, smoke, and entertain without turning your back on your friends.

Built to Last

High-grade steel, reliable coatings and unfailing welds make the Burch Barrel the cooking-with-fire companion that will stand the test of time.


"This thing has quickly become a centerpiece for outdoor entertainment, allowing other people to join in the cooking and giving us a source of warmth to gather around while we eat."

"This is a unique and brand new addition to the outdoor cooking world, sort of its own category and perfect for the trendsetting Dad, the early adaptor, design freak or gizmo lover, but also has a rough side that lets Dad channel his inner cowboy. If it were a car, it would be a Tesla monster truck."



"The Ultimate Backyard Grill... A grill, smoker, and firepit in a suspended barrel that looks and functions like no other barbecue out there"

"Burch Barrel does a great job grilling hot and fast as well as cooking low and slow over live fire. Then it magically transforms into a fire pit. The locking cable system allows you to position the food where you want it with ease."

-John 'Spinaker" Bowlsby, AmazingRibs.com

"Designed for an overall better cooking experience, whether it’s grilling game meat with your friends outdoors, making s'mores with your family on a weekend trip, or just having a party in the backyard, the Burch Barrel is the new best way to grill, cook, and bond outdoors!"

-Yanko Design

"This is so much more than just another hanging campfire grill, it's a real camping cookout solution you'll love using as much as we do"

- Bearded Butcher Seasoning Co

"Standing on three legs, the Burch Barrel Portable Suspended Barbecue boasts an innovative adjustment system that lets you perfectly calibrate your heat so outdoor grub doesn’t just taste amazing, it stands up to the fare from any high-end steakhouse."

- The Coolector

"Whether you set it up in the backyard, the parking lot, or the campsite, this is the kind of grill that gets people to come together, making it a perfect addition to any gathering."


"This tripod is to your outdoor cooking what a Leatherman is to your toolbox."


"The Burch Barrel excels at the opportunities that it can provide for you to master the art of smoking, cooking, and searing. Beyond that, its high-grade steel and aluminium components will provide years of connecting with friends over the comfort of a fire and the joys of good food."


Burch Barrel Basics - How To Videos


Learn more about specific cooking techniques, fuel choice, assembly and more from our extensive instructional video library.




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