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The Design Isn't Just For Looks...

At first glance, you might notice that the Burch Barrel looks quite different from other grills on the market. This unique design not only sets it apart visually, but also functionally. The Burch Barrel's Tripod design provides additional control over the dynamics of your fire. By twisting the lid and locking in the grill grate, you now have the ability to raise and lower your food over an open flame.

If you need to find the right temperature, add additional fuel, check out your sear, or stoke the fire - the Burch Barrel allows you to do so seamlessly. Using the Lock Collar and Tripod design, you're able to actually lift up your grill grate without disturbing your food. By locking in your grill grate to the lid, you now have a center point for your food to be either lifted or lowered until you find the right temperature. In addition, your lid provides a warming center for your food if it's ready before your guests are.

If you're having trouble managing your fire, temperature, or flare-ups, this design is great for giving yourself a moment to tend to those hiccups quickly and then get back to grilling with ease. By lifting up your food farther away from the fire, you're essentially hitting pause and gaining access to manage the fire with full control. While your grill grate is suspended, you're also getting that flare up flavor, without any worry of over overcooking your meal. 

Basically, the Burch Barrel doesn't just look cool, it also has forward-thinking technology and innovative features that differentiate it from other brands. Interact with your food, fire, and company in a more dynamic way with Burch Barrel, and take your grill game to the next level. 

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